Saturday, January 14, 2006

Louisiana Governor Blanco not afraid of recall

Memo from Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco's Department of State Civil Service to heads of all state agencies:
January 13, 2006

General Circular No. 001644

To: Heads of State Agencies and Human Resource Directors
Subject: Prohibited Political Activities Concerning Recall Petitions
Issue Date: January 13, 2006

Civil Service Rule 14.1(e) 5 reads as follows:
14.1 Prohibited Activities.

(e) No employee in the classified service and no member of the Commission shall
5. Take active part in an effort to recall from office an elected public official, or seek, solicit or attempt to coerce any person including any employee in the classified service and any member of the Commission into participating in any such effort or signing a recall petition except that nothing contained herein shall prevent an employee in the classified service or member of the Commission from signing a recall petition.

Therefore, a state classified employee may sign a recall petition.

However, a state classified employee may not take any active part in a recall effort. Examples of what a state classified employee may not do are:

· Circulate a recall petition

· Ask others to sign a recall petition

· Offer to mail a recall petition for others

· Man a table collecting signatures on a recall petition

· E-mail a recall petition to others

Signing a recall petition is personal business, not to be conducted on state time or using state resources. Employees may not sign and submit recall petitions on line from their state computers.

If there are any questions about the information in this General Circular, please contact your Assistance Coordinator at 225-342-8274 or Please let us know if there is any way that we can assist you.


s/Anne S. Soileau
Acting Director
From The Dead Pelican via Free Republic

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