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Mexican American news service attacked by FBI

So says SondraK.com. The "Mexican American news service" of which poster "Moonbatologist Claire" speaks is "La Voz de Aztlan" in Los Angeles. Here are this "news service's" stories as of 9:00 AM today:

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Item 3: Contact La Voz de Aztlan
Item 4: Link to "Mexico en Sintesis" (an anti-American "service for foreign Mexican communities") newspaper, or whatever, from Mexico City.
Item 5: In an undated story, calls Chris Simcox, head of the Minutemen border patrol, "a pedophile" and "vile bigot".
Item 6: In a story dated 24 Dec, says "Brown Berets pass out hundreds of Christmas gifts". In this story, the writer says that a group of immigrants are about to lose their homes because they must be moved away from a Corps of Engineers project. The immigrants live in the "Riverside Mobile Home Park". Note to La Voz: "mobile home" means that they are moveable. So the people move'em, not lose'em.

You get the idea. Not a whole lot of news but a lot of anti-American, anti-police, anti-Border Patrol, anti-government and anti-white rhetoric. But the ire of La Voz de Aztlan is most frequently directed at the Jooz. To wit;

La Voz labels as "Brilliant Proposal" President of Iran wants Israel moved to Europe
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has softened his position somewhat concerning what should be done with the illegitimate Zionist State of Israel. Instead of "wiping it of the map" he is suggesting now that it be moved to Europe. This is a brilliant idea that could finally bring peace to the Middle East and spare the world "The War of Armageddon".

It is very difficult to quarrel with such logic. Perhaps it is time for the world to seriously consider President Ahmadinejad's intelligent proposal. Move Israel to Europe!
Hey, this gives me an idea. Move all the Mexicans back to Mexico!

Riots loom over imminent eviction of "campesinos" from Los Angeles farm collective
This effective project which has provided economic self-sufficiency for marginalized people of color is today threaten (sic) by a greedy Jewish Mogul from the super-rich LA. community of Brentwood.

These comments are no different than those made by the Jewish Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy of France that added fuel to the fire there.

The Los Angeles city government and its city council today, as is the Los Angeles School Board, take orders from extremely wealthy Jews that reside in the west side of the city.
The French Muslim Rebellion of 2005 Can a similar insurrection occur in the USA?
Sarkozy is an Islamophobe and the son of a Hungarian immigrant, who had airs of being an aristocrat, and of a Jewsih (sic - Spellcheck is my friend, Spellcheck is my friend, . . .) mother.

The rebellion that is occurring in France can and will most probably happen here. If it does, it will have grave consequences on the social, political and economic structures of the country and it could possibly topple a government already weakened by the Iraq War and corruption within its ranks.
World Leader Calls for the Eradication of Israel
What is it about the Jews and Israel that causes such animosity? To answer that question one must go back into history. A good starting point is to read "The New Testament" of the Holy Bible and what Jesus Christ himself said about the Pharisee Jews and those who crucified him. Also very revealing, is to study the reasons why over 108 countries have found it necessary to expel the Jews since the year 250 A.D.

It (Israel) is a base for International Zionists and it serves as a refuge for a powerful international class of criminals.
Again, you get the idea. What means "La Voz de Aztlan"? It means "The Voice of Aztlan". And what is Aztlan? Well, that's a little tougher. See if you can follow this humorous logic. These people (Mexicans) believe that all of North America belongs to them. They believe that all of the Native Americans - sometimes referred to in the USA, even by themselves, as Indians or American Indians - are all related to the Aztecs, Mayans, Incans and all the hundreds, if not thousands, of other indigenous peoples of the Americas. They are all brothers, as it were.

And the land that these brothers occupied is the magical and mythic land of Aztlan. And we took it away from them. Now, it's not exactly as simple as I make it sound. The Mexican Mexicans don't truck with this brother business. They want back what Mexico lost to us in the Mexican War and the earlier Texas insurrection, plus California. That would be Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

The Mexican Americans who believe in this Aztlan business are the ones who dreamed up this brotherhood blood-tie to all North American Indians. They do this in order to try to recruit more members to their anti-white crusade. I sincerely doubt that the Northern Cheyenne or the Sioux nations spend much time worrying about their contributions to the Brown Berets or whether Mexico should recover Six Flags Over Texas and the Astrodome. Nor do I think the followers of Aztlan in Mexico City really think too much about Deadwood being returned to the Sioux or Miami Beach to the Seminoles.

This Aztlan farce has been going on for many years and is really nothing more than a minor pain-in-the-ass for civil authorities, mainly in Los Angeles. The ever present claim that all would be peace and harmony if the white man would only just leave conveniently fails to mention the many millennia of bloodshed between warring indigenous groups over the length and breadth of North, Central and South America.

Did the Sioux get along well with the Blackfoot? Uh, no. How did the Mohican and Huron view each other? With abject hatred. Did anyone get along with the Crow, at all? No, they made war on everyone. Why did the Aztecs move from place to place for centuries before finally settling down by the lake at Tenochtitlan (Mexico City)? Because when their new neighbors discovered their penchant for human sacrifice and eating still beating hearts torn out of someone's chest, they were invited to leave, forcefully.

Hernan Cortes attacked Tenochtitlan in 1521 with the largest army ever assembled in history up to that time, 300,000 fighters. How many white men were in that army? About 300, 600 or 800, depending on which source you read. The rest were mainly Tlaxcaltecans (from Tlaxcala) as well as a number of other Mexican Indian nations, tribes, kingdoms and villages that all hated the powerful Aztecs. By the way, Montezuma (or, more accurately, Moctezuma) was long dead, having been killed with a rock thrown by his own people in an anti-Spanish riot. The Aztec king who led the unsuccessful 3 month defense of Tenochtitlan was Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec king.

The point to all of this is that La Voz de Aztlan is not a "Mexican American news service". It is a bitterly racist anti-white and anti-Semitic sounding board for racist diatribes against, well, almost everybody with white skin but particularly so if they be American, Jewish or Israeli. And Moonbatologist Claire at SondraK.com should know better.

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