Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A pig in a poke in Paris

For the past 3 winters in Paris, the French right-wing group Bloc Identitaire has been handing out free soup. It's called Identity Soup and is made from pig parts. What parts, you ask? Parts is parts, I say. Anyway, the bloc has spread its largesse to other French cities this year and authorities are cracking down.

The mayor of Strasbourg has banned the "swine swill" saying, "Schemes with racial subtexts must be denounced," (pork is banned under both Jewish and Islamic religions) and Paris police have shut down some soup kitchens for lack of proper permits.

The pork potpourri is called Identity Soup because, according to Roger Bonnivard, head of homeless-support group Solidarity of the French and pork soup chef,
With pork in the soup, we return to our origins, our identity. On every farm, you kill a pig and make a soup . . . The pig is the food of our ancestors.
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