Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Evo to whip it, now.

Evo Morales, the newly elected president of Bolivia (that's in South America) will start a world tour. Evo, who plans to legalize the growing of coca plants in Bolivia (that's in South America) because the Bolivian indians (they live in South America) have been chewing coca leaves for thousands of years, or whatever. The narcotraficantes are celebrating, I would presume.

Evo, who already visited the failure Castro, will whip it now to Venezuela to visit the big mouth Chavez, Spain to visit the coward Zapatero, Belgium to visit the loser Chirac and officials of the doddering EU, then he'll whip it on to AIDS, poverty, corruption and violence riven South Africa (that's the government propping up Robert Mugabe) then on to that beacon of free and democratic ideals - China - before ending his tour with the now breathtakingly unpopular socialist Lula in Amazon-raping indian-murdering campesino-enslaving Brazil.

No mention of the Bolivian's (that means "of Bolivia" - which is in South America) plans to visit The United States, world's most powerful economic and military force. I think he doesn't want to come here. We're just too scary and have nothing to offer him but, well, money. Bolivia (did I mention that it's in South America?) apparently doesn't need money. The Incan descendents plan to live on socialist slogans.

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