Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Your word for the day -- HYPOCRISY

White House accuses Gore of hypocrisy
The White House accused former Vice President Al Gore of hypocrisy Tuesday for his assertion that President Bush broke the law by eavesdropping on Americans without court approval.
NYT Hipocrisy - The Empire Strikes Back
When you point out that the emperor has no clothes, you're bound to get an angry reaction from the emperor's court. When the dis-robed monarch is the New York Times, it's likely to come as blowback from the elite Northeast media.
Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill
Inconsistent Senate Democrats saw "C.A.P." on Samuel Alito's resume and went into search-and-destroy mode. If they have ever pursued the "KKK" on the resume of one of their own, it must have been in a whisper. It seems certain that Alito is on his way to the Supreme Court. The Democrats may try to delay the vote in the Judiciary Committee.
Chickenhawk Chuckleheads
E. J. Dionne on the pro-abortion right wing: What's maddening here is the unblushing hypocrisy of the right wing and the way it circulates -- usually through Web sites or talk radio -- . . .
Spare Me
Hypocritical idiots. I'm sick of the whole passive-aggressive flock stuck permanently in the "moderate" mire. They think their refusal to make a decision is a mark of natural superiority. I think it is evidence of stupidity, hypocrisy, and cowardice.
Harry Reid's Abramoff Problem
"If Senator Reid's mission was to travel to red states to get beaten like a pinata by the media about his hypocrisy on ethics and Abramoff-related funds, then he was quite successful, and we applaud his efforts," said Brian Nick, chief spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee."
The Pantload Speaks
But she'd rather reap the rewards of a law degree and a career made possible by the feminists she's paid to deconstruct, a grand hypocrisy that nobody who allowed her to pimp her book this week on their shows seemed capable of pointing out.
Yeah, But They Can Vote
Something of a shallow move here by Bloomberg, perhaps. Personally, I think we need to start sending stronger messages to certain factions within our society who thrive on hate. I've no patience with the hypocrisy, especially within the media and some politicians, which seeks to denounce say a Pat Roberts for his rhetoric, regardless of how unhinged I might think him, yet seeks to suck up to other factions genuinely steeped in intolerance and even hate.
Republican sermons about civility
It is inevitable that there will be some flaws in our political discourse. Some people are going to get away with a little hypocrisy and a little dishonesty.
Teddy Boys
But it is amusing to see Hypocrisy rear its ugly face. The bottom five paragraphs of a Washington Times story today said:
The Ethics of Hypocrisy
On the subject of Sam in the vanguard among jurists Alito's "troubling" ethics vis-a-vis Uncle Chappaquddick and his court pals, please note:
Diane Feinstein contradicts herself
Hypocrisy, plain and simple.
Ted Kennedy Quits Male-Only Club
Talk about hypocrisy... Ted Kennedy is now finally going to leave the Owl Club..
Hypocrisy In Action....Hillary's Lips Moved Again
Hillary opened her mouth... in public... and stuck her porcine foot in it, yet again.
Border In-Security
Mexican President (and friend of Bush) Vicente Fox bristled recently in response to the sensible immigration reform proposals pending in the U.S. Congress. In a startling display of audacity and hypocrisy he insinuated these policies were motivated by race, calling them "shameful, disgraceful" and a "violation of human rights."
A Racist is a Racist is a Racist
Imagine if the white mayor of any of the towns or cities in Alabama said he would rebuild a vanilla town that maintained itÂ’s white majority? HE would be lucky to live out the day. Why is Nagin being given a pass by our media? Could it be that our media is biased in favor of their own political views? Hypocrisy in favor of bigotry, perhaps? Nagiembarrassmentarrasment before. He is an exposed, politically clueless bigot now. The citizens of New Orleans should get rid of him now, the Democrats should disown him.
Carnival Of Liberty XXVIII
We start out at Antigravitas with a post about the hypocrisy of the Seattle Post Intelligencer in advocating expanded civil liberties at the same time it supports a law banning smoking in bars and restaurants in Seattle.

Hypocrisy in the mainstream media ? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. I'm also distressed to see that yet another major American city sees fit to restrict freedom in yet another way.
But it helps to prove one point: there is no such thing as creeping fascism. Neither Bush nor Clinton is a cryptototalitarian, therefore, our liberties are not in peril. Fascism arises from an ideology of fascism; it doesn't spring like Athena from the head of Zeus or Bush or Clinton.
Your word for tomorrow - cryptototalitarian. Possibly.

Hypocrisy is a word I seldom use. To avoid being, you know, a hypocritical hypocrit.


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