Friday, January 27, 2006

Digby exhorts Califronians

by digby

John Kerry is calling for a filibuster of Alito. Flood your Senators' offices with phone calls now.

Here are the phone numbers.

Might I make a special appeal for Califronia voters to make a forceful appeal to our Senator Dianne Feinstein. She is supposed to be a voice for women in the Senate and right now she is a voice for lukewarm water. Let her know that her constituents demand that she represent the people of California's support for a women's right to choose and a judiciary of fairminded jurists, not Federalist Society fascists.

(202) 224-3841---Washington
(415) 393-0707---San Francisco
(310) 914-7300---L.A.
(619) 231-9712---San Diego
(559) 485-7430---Fresno
Federalist Society fascists, you say?
fascism - noun [U] - a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life, and extreme pride in country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed
Some famous fascists:
Benito Mussolini:
After Socialism, Fascism combats the whole complex system of democratic ideology, and repudiates it, whether in its theoretical premises or in its practical application. Fascism denies that the majority, by the simple fact that it is a majority, can direct human society; it denies that numbers alone can govern by means of a periodical consultation, and it affirms the immutable, beneficial, and fruitful inequality of mankind, which can never be permanently leveled through the mere operation of a mechanical process such as universal suffrage....
Hmmmm. That doesn't sound like the Federalist Society to me, what with all the combating and repudiating of complex democratic systems and ideology and no voting. Let's try another.
Adolph Hitler:
All great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning.
I don't believe the Federalist Society concerns itself with medical issues like blood poisoning. They leave that to the AMA. Then there is this:
The Jew's life as a parasite in the body of other nations and states explains a characteristic which once caused Schopenhauer, as has already been mentioned, to call him the 'great master in lying.' Existence impels the Jew to lies and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of the northern countries to wear warm clothing.
I rather think that Eugene B. Meyer, president of the Federalist Society and a member for 20 years, might raise some small objection to that, although I'm sure he wears warm clothing in the winter.
Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde Salgado Pardo de Andrade:
We reject the capitalist system, which disregards the needs of the people, dehumanizes private property, and transforms the workers into shapeless masses that are prone to misery and despair.

We shall defend the move toward nationalization of banking and the takeover of the major public services by corporations.

The State will have powers to confiscate without compensation any land, the ownership of which has been acquired or enjoyed illicitly.
I don't think the Federalist Society would sign up to any of that. In fact, I cannot identify any fascist leanings of the Federalist Society at all. Must just be more left-wing drivel.

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