Monday, January 30, 2006

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D, MA)

June, 1950 - graduated from Milton Accademy with "C" average

September. 1950 - admitted to Harvard under "legacy" program (brothers were Harvard grads and father donated millions)

May, 1951 - forced to withdraw from Harvard for cheating on a Spanish exam - paid a friend to take the test for him.

1951 - Joined Army for 4 years - father Joseph P. got it shortened to 2 years. Discharged 1952 - rank, Private

Sptember, 1953 - readmitted to Harvard

1954 - Playing a match for Harvard's rugby team, got into 3 fistfights and was ejected from game by referee Frederick Costick who said that in 30 years of rugby officiating was first player he ever had to eject. Costick said,
Rugby is a character-building sport. Players learn how to conduct themselves on the field with the idea that they will learn how to conduct themselves in life. When a player loses control of himself three times in a single afternoon, to my mind, that is a sign that, in a crisis, the man is not capable of thinking clearly and acting rationally. Such a man will panic under pressure.
March, 1957 - paid $15 fine for speeding (Mass. license)

March, 1958 - while at U of Virginia law school was known as "Cadillac Eddie" - was chased and finally caught hiding lying down in the front seat of his car by Deputy Sheriff Thomas Whitten. Kennedy eventually pleaded guilty to reckless driving; racing with an officer to avoid arrest; and operating a motor vehicle without an operator's license (Virginia). (Mass license)

Lat 1958 - arrested again for speeding and no Virginia license (Mass license)

1959 - -cited once more for reckless driving (Mass license)

July, 1969 - after a party attended by 6 married men, including Kennedy, Joseph Gargan, Jack Crimmins, Ray LaRosa, Charles Tretter, Paul Markham and 5 single girls referred to by the men as "The Boiler Room Girls", including Mary Ellen Lyons, Rosemary Keough, Susan Tannenbaum and Mary Jo Kopechne, at the Sidney Lawrence Cottage on Chappaquiddick Island, Kennedy left in his car with Kopechne. He drove the car off of the Dike Bridge. Kennedy escaped from the car and swam to safety, Mary Jo Kopechne did not.

Since Chappaquiddick - divorce, sex scandals (Au Bar - William Kennedy Smith rape charge, "sandwich" with Sen. Dodd, etc.), love child with Caroline Bilodeau, named Christopher, surfaces at aged 21, etc.

January 30, 2006 - comes completely unstuck during anti-Alito speech to US Senate. Read about it here, watch it here.


By the way, the filibuster to be lead by Kerry-Kennedy was CRUSHED, 72-25.


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