Friday, January 06, 2006

Hoof in mouth strikes Britain again.

George Galloway is dumber than Pat Robertson. At least Robertson's heart is in the right place, even is his mouth gets in the way. Galloway has no heart and his mouth consistantly proves that fact.

He's now a contestant on the British version of TV's Big Brother. Upon his arrival at the Big Brother house he was roundly booed by spectators. He held up his hand in the "V for vice" sign and elicited more boos. He ignored this, or perhaps he thought they were Arab versions of cheers. Then, during his interview, he said that his favorite things were his

"daughter, sunbathing and sex."

What an incredibly boorish thing to say. I don't believe that I would mention sex and my daughter in the same sentence unless it was, "If I learn that that football player and my daughter are having sex, I'll shoot that sumbitch."

To top it off, he's playing on behalf of the Palestinian charity InterPal. What do we know about InterPal?
Interpal is the most important Palestinian fund operating in Britain. During the last decade (and beforehand under a different name) Interpal helped transfer large sums of money collected in Britain and elsewhere to charitable societies and committees operating in the Palestinian Authority (PA) – administered territories. However, most, if not all, of those charitable societies and committees are actually Hamas-operated and therefore contribute significantly to maintaining the large-scale, local Hamas civilian (and terrorist-operational) infrastructure (da’wah). Consequently, Interpal was outlawed by Israel in 1997 and declared a terrorist organization in 1998. Furthermore, in the United States it was designated by Executive Order 13224 (August 2003) as an entity that "commits, or threatens to commit or supports terrorism."
The failure of the British to kick InterPal out of their country is but another indication of why their trains got blown up.

I would like to say that, when mentioning the Rev. Pat Robertson in the same breath as Mahmoud in Iran or the Palestinians or George Galloway, I'm not being completely fair. Robertson doesn't advocate mass murder of innocent women and children. Robertson doesn't advocate the erasure of an entire people from this earth. Robertson has never been known to describe anyone, let alone adherents to one of the world's oldest and greatest religions, as "pigs and monkeys". Indeed, Robertson doesn't advocate the destruction of anyone other than Hugo Chavez which, if you really think about it, isn't such a bad idea.

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