Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vile filth and filthy vile: bad company

Glenn Greenwald at Unclaimed Territory: ". . . A vile case study in GOP filth-peddling . . ."
Jon Shurkin at SFist: . . . "Christian Coalition have joined forces with those elitist, filth-peddling, gay Jews in Hollywood . . ."

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . similar sewer-scraping filth . . ."
Jay Keeley in Ultimate on the band Thorr's Hammer: "Thorr's Hammer is sewer-scraping guttural doom/death."

Glenn Greenwald: "But they really aren’t, and the trash merchants who so fundamentally sullied our political life . . ."
Cameron Bailey, movie review of "Inside Deep Throat: "Trash merchants say Inside Deep Throat, their history of the first mainstream porn flick . . ."

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . are still lurking like dormant viruses . . ."
BBC on pig viruses: "Pigs have built up dormant viruses related to HIV, known as porcine endogenous retroviruses . . ."

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . a stark reminder of the bottom-scraping obsessions which dominated the national media . . ."
Cinema de Merde film review of 1974's Big Bad Momma: "If you like Roger Corman, and you've already seen so many trashy movies that you need to do a little barrel-bottom scraping. Or you want to see Angie's tits."

Glenn Greenwald: "National Review has created a museum dedicated to the Republican political gutter . . ."
Ted Lang in The American Partisan on Sen. Frank Lautenberg: "A true product of the political gutter, who proclaimed child pornographer Larry Flynt an "American patriot" for drawing blood from Republicans for responding to their justified impeachment of traitor Clinton."

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . in the form of a new blog hosted by two of the trashy lowlifes . . ."
Ashley in forum on NSYNC humer (sic) and facts: "Hello all you trashy lowlifes! My name is Ashley and I just wanted to say I am very thankful that I was brought up better than this. I have a 5 year plan that inlcudes everything I will need to be successful. Too bad you dont even have a 5 minute plan."

Glenn Greenwald: "This is the filth out of which the Conway couple emerged . . ."
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 11/23/03: "Come on now. How could you be a righteous Jew and publish the filth that is published daily feeding the minds of the American people and the people of the world filth and indecency, and making it fair seeming in their eye?"

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . he worked secretly in the dark alleys late at night . . ."
Joshua Gibson writing in Fagistan: "Fond Memories Of Picking Up Mexican Hustlers In Dark Alleys"

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . to bring about the trashy, lowly scandals which became a Republican obsession."
Raghav writing in NDTV Message Central on Indian actress Madhuri: "She has grace, cultured, away from the lowly scandals."

Glenn Greenwald: "Having spent the latter half of the 1990s (before she married George) peddling herself around . . ."
Skinink, a McDonald's fryerlator supervisor, commenting in on a photo of a brunettte with naked boobies: "Yet another girl that I have slept with peddling herself on the internet. Within the next five years, I will sexually liberate all hot women in my mom's basement!"

Glenn Greenwald: ". . . in the army of young, blondish, mascara-drenched Republican loyalists . . ."
John Richey in Speaking Out, describing Chi Chi La Rue, "the pre-eminent director of gay pornography": "Replete with puffed wig and mascara-drenched lashes, looking uncannily like Divine, she is often photographed laughing triumphantly."

Glenn Greenwald: "Perhaps most revealingly, Kellyanne - who spent the 1990s along with her husband propagating the filthiest and most scurrilous gossip about the President . . ."
David B. in Gene Expression: "A scurrilous gossip website this week asks the question “which Oscar-winning Hollywood superstar’s doctor claims she was born a hermaphrodite, with undescended testes where her ovaries should have been?"

Glenn Greenwald: "It looks like the Conways’ love of the political sewer is matched only by their love of irony."
Rock & on Ray Charles and Ronald Reagan: "The Democratic Leadership Council, the political sewer that spawned the Clinton/Gore administration, called Reagan 'a great political leader.'"

There's lots more but I'm tired so I think I'll stop here.


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