Saturday, January 14, 2006

I trust him; he hates Michelle Malkin

Here's an interesting blog you might like to visit. The blog's name is: TRUST ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I HATE MICHELLE MALKIN. Once there, you will find lot's of examples about how much the famous and talented John Lombard (I know; John who?) hates Michelle Malkin. Such as;

You, too, can be a right-wing pundit where he says:
The Ham Lock of Liberty has a good idea -- Malkinising a news article to write a column.
By the way, I contacted David Neiwert of Orcinus, who some years ago had to edit Malkin's syndicated column for the paper he worked for, and he explained to me that what Malkin did is customarily called "soft plagiarism", and although unprofessional is not normally a firing offense.

Unless, of course, we can find more -- time to start digging through those old Malkin columns!
Wowee! In Michelle Malkin, plagiarist he says:
A few days ago, I looked at how Malkin's "Muslim-only banks" lie was picked-up by some right-wing blogs.
In which he quotes Malkin quoting Hillary Clinton who was previously quoted by ABC News which makes Malkin a plagiarizing quoter - I think.

Malkin lied about Hillary Clinton's body armour comments contains these two well edited paragraphs:
The response is obvious: it isn’t always possible for soldiers to wear more armour, because of the trade-off between protection and mobility. So, these deaths may not have been preventable.

But Michelle isn’t being honest about what Hillary Clinton said. From Hillary’s letter to John Warner:
We here at Mark in Mexico have a team of Mayan codetalkers attempting to decipher "" and "".

Then there is: Michelle Malkin warns us about Muslim-only banks
Michelle Malkin warns us: Muslim-only banks? Not ...
Muslims get interest-free loans! Life is so unfair!
First, they came for the Filipinos
Hmmm, how can we help Al Franken sell more books?
I guess that would make me Elmer Gantry
The Liberal Media

And on and on and on, yada yada yada. I guess that since he believes that Michelle Malkin is our greatest threat to Western civilization and life as we know it, he's not too worried about George Bush.


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