Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pittsburgh Tribune Review BLASTS liberal extremists



On Kennedy:
To wit, Kennedy held up a New York Times story detailing how conservative groups mobilized to support the Alito nomination as some sort of illegal conspiracy that undermined the confirmation and advice-and-consent processes.

Then, as he did during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Kennedy, and switching into his affectatious theatrical-thunder voice, proceeded to smear Alito. It was a despicable performance by an out-of-touch and desperate windbag nearing the end of his useful political life.
On Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Robert Byrd:
These two liberal crazies couldn't even get the support of Sen. Blowhard Bluehair, Robert Byrd.
On Democrat extremists:
Speaking of extremes, 17th-century Frenchman of letters Blaise Pascal once offered that "too much truth stuns us." For Democrat extremists such as Kennedy and Kerry, the contemporary translation is that they couldn't handle the truth.
If the Steelers lose, I'll consider it punishment from God.

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