Friday, January 06, 2006

My policy is a policy and your policy is no policy

Rep. Jack Murtha:
"A number of senators who are running for president have called me. And I told them there's only two policies. That's the policy of redeployment, which I've suggested, and the president's policy — stay the course is not a policy."
Huh? Did you understand anything he just said?

You have to give the Democrats their usual credit for poll watching and being able to count past 50, however. Murtha's fellow Democratic Rep. James Moran, when asked about impeaching George Bush, said,
"I don't think impeachment is the right course of action," he said. "We have a democracy, and the right course of action is to express yourself at the polls."

"I voted against President Clinton's impeachment," Moran continued. "I think impeachment is inconsistent with the democratic process. And the other fact is, it's not going to happen. Congress is controlled by the Republican party. This is a moot issue."
And, later, Murtha added,
"At this point, we just don't have enough information," he said. "I'm very hesitant, even with Nixon, to support impeachment until I see the facts. And I just don't see enough facts to support impeachment at this point."

Asked whether he would support an impeachment inquiry, Murtha continued: "Well, I'm not even sure that I have enough facts to support that at this point. There's only one reason for impeachment as far as I'm concerned, and that's treason and treasonous acts. That's very complicated, not something I can answer. I hesitated to say anything about Nixon until the very end when I heard the tapes, so that's not something I would say anything about at this stage."
UPDATE: This story is getting a lot more attention at Memoreandum since I posted about it this morning.

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