Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bill Lockyear's official artist

Ed Driscoll has a post up concerning this article in the Sacramento Bee picturing a piece of "artwork" which California Attorney General Bill Lockyear has had hung in the Attorney General's main offices. The crap pictured is one of several pieces on display by Steven Pearcy. Here is that "artwork"; Lockyear had the political artwork hung last Friday evening after a reception given for Steven Pearcy, described as a "political artist". You can learn more than you really wish to know on Pearcy and his wife, Virginia, over at Diggers Realm, who has had quite a set-to with the Pearcys. Steven and Virginia Pearcy live in Berkeley (surprise!). You will learn that Pearcy is not a professional artist, he's a teacher at Cal Berkeley (surprise!). Digger has photos (some of which I borrowed here) as well as an email from former tenants of the Pearcys and a neighbor. I'll try to put it in a nutshell for you.

Around election time, Pearcy's tenants, 3 young ladies, put an 8x10 poster in the window of the house they leased from Pearcy in Sacramento that said, "Bush Cheney - 04". That's 8 inches by 10 inches, not 8 feet by 10 feet. Here are Pearcy's former tenants.

Pearcy found out and called the girls and told them he would be there the following weekend to do 1 of 2 things. Hang a giant John Kerry poster in front of the house or paint the entire house for John Kerry. The girls weren't there when he arrived. Pearcy's car was photographed with this poster in the rear window;Fuck The Police? Fuck The U.S. Government? Burn American Flags? This is Bill Lockyear's political artist of choice?

The Pearcys hung the sign you see on the right in the front of the house.

The girls moved out, but Pearcy wasn't finished. He then hung the effigy pictured below.

Someone tore that effigy down and left it lying in front of the house. So Pearcy hung another. That one mysteriously disappeared, too. So Pearcy hung another along with Palestinian and Iraqi flags in the windows and on the roof.

A group called "Move America Forward" organized a protest in front of the house and ran into the moonbat America haters. Pearcy himself provided a photo of the America haters who met the protesters along with a nice little note.
"When the drooling, toothless conservatives gathered across the street from my home to hold their candlelight, faith-healing, vigilante prayer meeting, they were shocked to see that we had supporters of our own (pictured here); the toothless folks were even more shocked to see that our supporters outnumbered them. As usual, their conservative medias didn't tell them that their view was not the popular view.

Next time, for the sake of my neighbors across the street, I hope that the bible-thumpers will remember to bring their drool buckets with them."
Pearcy now has his own blog, Corruption Exposer (I'll not provide a link). I found, among other whining and squawking, this post.
Sacramento DA Ignored the Law
When the Sacramento DA, Jan Scully, decided not to file charges against the vandals and trespassers who tore down my soldier displays, she ignored all kinds of laws that she's charged with enforcing.
Pearcy, not too busy these days, apparently, has found time to communicate with blogger jCrue. jCrue has a note from Pearcy and a photo posted at Brightroom.com, but the photo has been removed. jCrue describes the photo as "...picture of himself running around in little tight shorts prancing around town, I assume in Berkeley:"

From: "Stephen S. Pearcy"
To: jcrue@yahoo.com
Subject: Here's another photo for your blog...
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 21:43:34 -0700

Looks like the conservatives ran off with their tails between their legs. My display remains front and center, and I'm standing guard. Check out the slow marine trying to catch me...


Stephen S. Pearcy, Bad Ass Mo Fo in the face of all conservatives!
What does this mean? Without seeing the photo I can't tell.

More of Pearcy's art on display by Bill Lockyear.

Check out Digger and jCrue for more photos and details. Digger has a pretty detailed Steven and Virginia Pearcy Archive that you should peruse at your leisure.

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