Friday, July 08, 2005

DNC says Bush nominee must hate fried chicken

UPDATED: see below

Karl Rove will select the nominee.
This Business Will Get Out of Control. It Will Get Out of Control and We'll be Lucky to Live Through It
The title to this news release today from the Karen Finney of the Democratic National Committee which attacks both Fred Thompson and Ed Gillespie (Karl Rove's close associate). Thompson and Gillespie (Karl Rove's close associate) have been retained by George Bush to advise the eventual Supreme Court nominee on what will surely be a rocky roller coaster ride through the confirmation process.

The DNC's specific objection to Gillespie (Karl Rove's close associate) is that his lobbying firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates, represents corporations, including Tyson Foods, which may have some interest in cases before the court in the future. I guess that means that Gillespie (close associate of Karl Rove) could aim Ed-beams at the nominee to influence the nominees decisions at some future point in time. Like when Gillespie (close associate of Karl Rove) flashes the justice the Queen of Hearts, I suppose.

And Fred Thompson (not a close associate of Karl Rove) is attacked because he represented in 2004, with the inference that he still represents, an insurance company with interest in the asbestos litigation bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee early this year. The DNC news release gets in a couple of snide digs at Thompson's acting career, beginning with the title of the news release, which is from the movie "The Hunt For Red October", as well as mentioning his role in "Law and Order".

The DNC still must be painfully short of cash, lacking enough to pay educated news release writers or editors. The last paragraph of the release is titled,
Progress for America Planed to Spend $18 Million on Attack Ads in Supreme Court Fight.
I'm thinking of Herve's "De Plane! De Plane!"

UPDATE: Chief Justice Rehnquist has retired. White House statement forthcoming.

UPDATE 2: Ignore update 1.

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