Friday, July 08, 2005

Holy War - They absolutely will not stop

Really bad news.

This Iranian commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, Amir Taheri, says that the Islamofascists must convert the world to Islam or die.

They cannot be reasoned with, they feel no pity, they absolutely will not stop.

He uses the grisly murder of Theo Van Gogh as an example. As Van Gogh was being shot, then stabbed, then having his throat cut, he begged his attacker to talk to him. "Surely we can discuss this," he kept saying as the shots kept coming. "Let us talk it over." No use. The Muslim murderer would not stop. He had no desire to talk. Van Gogh had to die. Period.

As Taheri lays it out, the task really seems simple, but difficult and time consuming. A two pronged strategy is apparent.

First, go to where the majority of them are and kill them there. That includes the "magnet" theory, denounced by the left as the "flypaper" theory. Create a battleground where they will come out from behind their women and children and fight us. That eliminates a lot of them. It also demonstrates that we are willing to fight and die and make the sacrifices necessary to protect ourselves. What makes this approach distasteful to us are the innocents who die in such a fight. The Islamofascists don't fight face-to-face. They blow up women and children with martyrs chained to their bombs. Why are they chained? So they don't experience an enlightening thought like, "What am I doing here?" at the last second and chicken out. Many of these martyrs are simply delivery drivers. They are not trusted to detonate the explosives themselves so it is done by remote device.

The second prong is to bring steadily increasing pressure to bear on the governments who harbor and support the madrassas, or Islamic schools, all over the Middle East, Europe, America, Canada and Australia that churn out thousands of martyr wannabees every year. This is the time consuming part. The West cannot take overwhelming diplomatic, economic and military action against these governments because, if the governments fall, in most cases what replaces them would be worse than what we already face.

Cases in point would be Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan. We know that these governments, in order to keep some kind of lid on their restive populations, permit and even encourage radical clerics to poison the minds of impressionable young students. The governments, especially in the cases of Egypt and Pakistan, have nothing to offer their young people anyway. Better that they learn the whys and the hows of killing New Yorkers at their desks or Londoners in their commuter buses than royal family members in their palaces. After graduation from the madrassas, it's off into the big outside world to murder women and children and to be killed while doing so. This opens up desks in the madrassas for a new crop of followers of Allah and also takes them off the streets.

Anyone who believes that we can negotiate with these maniacs needs to think again. Negotiate about what? Their demand is that we renounce our various infidel religions and governments and render ourselves subservient to Islam and Sharia law. Their demand is not negotiable. They have been taught that Allah will accept nothing less. They are almost all going to have to die somewhere, somehow, sometime, not always in places, manners and times of our choosing.

What a mess confronts the leaders of the Western world. Bush and Blair and John Howard know this. Their task is to convince their peoples of it and keep the pressure on in spite of calls for alternate methods. There are no alternate methods. And it confronts the leaders of the Middle Eastern world also. They must know in their hearts that their days are numbered. The only ways they have managed to retain their velvet seats in plush surroundings is by mollifying and supporting the martyr factories or by brutally suppressing the Islamofascists. The deal with the radical clerics in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other places in the Middle East is, "You go out and kill Americans, Spaniards, Italians and whomever and that's ok. We'll even help. You start making too much trouble here and we'll round you up and kill you all." Left with this choice, which is really a safety device to let off steam, the choice for the radicals is an easy one. Better to send off brainwashed youngsters to die killing infidels than to die themselves, right there at home.

Some wag, I believe it was Jeff Greenfield, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, said only half jokingly that Bush should publicly say, "Our God is stronger than your God, and we are going to show you that now." Greenfield or whomever, I really can't remember now, recognized immediately that this was, in the minds of the Islamofascists, Holy War.

So, here they come. And they will keep on coming. They absolutely will not stop. Until they are all dead and there are no more to come.

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Anonymous said...

A theory is that Islam can only be fought off with religious arguments.

Under this theory, prophet Mohammad should be attacked for the charlatan profiteer and child molester that he was.

Something to think about.