Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pakistanis knew bombers were their own

In this disurbing report, everyday Pakistanis waited for almost a week for the news they were sure would come. The bombers were Pakistani or trained in Pakistani madrassas or terror training camps.
Most were convinced that that would be the case and when the truth came out they were immediately on their mobiles, spreading the news repeating: "What did I tell you, I told you so, this will really be the last straw."

The Pakistanis on the street say:

  • For two decades militants have killed and maimed their fellow citizens in the name of Islam, various Islamic sects or male honor.
  • They have exported this killing in the name of Islam to Kashmir, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Chechnya and the former Yugoslavia.
  • They have been closely linked to the army since 1951.
  • Pakistanis hoped that 9/11 would give the army a chance to change its disastrous policies and end its alliance with the mullahs.
  • Musharraf could make peace with Afghanistan and India, crack down hard on militant groups and turn its back on extremism.
  • Musharraf promised a policy of enlightened moderation but little has been done.
  • Thousands of religious schools still spew out hate against non-Muslims and leaders of militant groups still wander the country giving sermons.
  • Musharraf has squandered the lavish aid and support given to him by the US and Britain after 9/11.
  • Extremism continues to flourish and democracy is further away than ever.
  • A dozen training camps for militants, which closed down after 9/11, were revived in May with official blessing.
  • Last month several Pakistani-Americans, arrested on terrorism charges in California, admitted to training in such camps.
  • The London bombers were probably in touch with a local Pakistani group rather than al-Qa'eda.
  • Pakistanis are fed up with being in the eye of the storm and just want to lead a normal life.
  • They want to see an end to violence at home and a bad image abroad.

Well, all of that is fine, but I have neither seen nor heard anything out of Pakistan that would indicate that everyday Pakistanis have taken any action at all.

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