Thursday, August 04, 2005

9th Circuit judge voting illegally

On July 27, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) filed a challenge to the registration of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Betty B. Fletcher and that of her husband, Robert L. Fletcher. The EFF claims that she and her husband have been voting for years illegally and in the wrong legislative district. The EFF claims that Judge Fletcher and her husband have listed their residence as the King County Administration Building and their mailing address as 1010 5th Ave. in Seattle, which is a United States Courthouse Building. The EFF points out in its complaint that the Fletchers actually live in another legislative district and that filing a false address of residence is a Class C felony in Washington. Judge Fletcher was appointed to the 9th Circuit (which hold the record for having its decisions overturned by the Supreme Court more often, by far, than any other US circuit court of appeals) by one Jimmy Carter. That figures.

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