Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sebastian Holsclaw tells it righteously

Sebastian Holsclaw at Obsidian Wings says to let this do the talking for Cindy Sheehan. Sebastian intimates that a "smear campaign" is being waged against Sheehan and that such a campaign is "not only awful, it is also counterproductive." He's right, although I think one can draw a clear line between presenting facts and opinion on one side and a smear campaign on the other. Disagreeing with Sheehan, as the majority clearly do; accusing her of besmirching the memory of her fallen soldier son, as other mothers and fathers of fallen children have done; begging her to desist and come back home, as most of her family has done; pointing out the MSM's fascination with her at the expense of our fighting men and women, which is clearly the case here; identifying some of her most vociferous supporters as those who have stated on the record that the deaths of our sons and daughters, including hers, is justified; none of those things, to my mind, comprise a smear. On the other hand, accusing her of knowingly accepting the support of the American Communist Party, as even I did here, is a stretch and could justifiably be argued as constituting a smear.

I think that Sebastian is right. Just let her talk and the agenda will become clear.

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