Thursday, August 25, 2005

Families removing Sheehan's crosses

Crosses bearing the names of soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq are being removed from Cindy Sheehan's anti-American camp outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch by family members. One father, Gary Qualls, father of Louis Qualls, 20, a Marine killed in Fallujah last year, has set up the principal pro-American camp in Crawford, called "Camp Qualls". Mr. Qualls said,
Anti-war protesters never asked for my permission to put up a cross for my son for their cause. They are not respecting our sons and daughters. One by one, [Mrs. Sheehan's] crosses are coming down.
As of yesterday morning at least 17 crosses bearing KIA American's names had been removed by family members, many of those 17 more than once. Mr. Qualls has had to remove his son's crosses 3 different times because the heartless and disrespectful anti-war leftists keep putting them back up. Some mothers of Fort Hood soldiers killed in Iraq who found duplicate crosses of their fallen loved ones presented one cross each to Fort Qualls and took the duplicates home with them.

I only know of one cross at Sheehan's camp which is there with the permission of a loved one left behind, that of her son Casey. And that cross is there without the permission of Casey's father, sisters and brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. So, I would have to say that Casey's cross is not there with his family's permission, only that of his poor, heartbroken mother who has allowed herself to be used by the leftist, anti-American, Hanoi Jane bloc.

Another camp has been set up directly across the road from the anti-American Sheehan camp. It is called "Camp Reality" and 500 signs saying "We Support Our Troops" and "This Is Bush Country" are being set up today. A large American flag will be unfurled on the site as well. The sponsors of the pro-American site claim to have collected over 400,000 petitions supporting President Bush and the war effort. If this is not a typo, if the sponsors really meant petitions and not signatures, then we are looking at possibly millions of signatures on those petitions. Are the MSM and the Congress awake?

I am awaiting the first physical confrontation when the anti-Americans try to stop a family member from removing a cross. I think that it is inevitable that some drugged-up smelly Howard Stern type hippie who doesn't recognize the difference between 1975 and 2005 or some fat ass like Oliver Willis, who has suckled at America's generous teat for far too long, gets uppity with a bereaved family member and loses some teeth. I suppose that losing some teeth wouldn't be such a bad thing for the porcine Willis as it would allow him to suck more efficiently.

Referring to the pro-American family members arriving daily, the pro-American caravans that are en route and the pro-American petitions as well as calls, emails and support letters, Mr. Qualls said,

More are on the way.

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