Monday, August 15, 2005

Battle of the Porta-Potties

A follow-up to this post. Larry Mattlage, the George Bush neighbor who fired a shotgun in the air several timess Sunday to express his displeasure with the mob of anti-war protesters gathered outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas - which also happens to be in front of Mattlage's home - said,
We got a battle of the porta-potties. You all got started out going to the bathroom in a five-gallon bucket. Then they moved one porta-potty in here. No we got two porta-potties. And now we have three and if this keeps up, it will be all the way down the road. And they've got more porta-potties over there (pointing at the Bush ranch). The only one winning here is the one cleaning the porta-potties.
Mattlage said that at first he supported the protesters rights to free speech, but that after a week or so they should have packed it up and gone home.

McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch, who interviewed Mattlage, along with several Secret Service agents, said that Mattlage was just getting ready for dove season and that he had broken no laws.

UPDATE: FOXNews has a lot more as well as more from the Sheriff.

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