Thursday, August 11, 2005

Polygamists stealing from little kids, too

Read this post first for some background. Now the polygamists in Colorado City, Arizona, have been accused of mismanaging education funds. They bought a $200,000 Cessna (the only school district in the state with its own plane), piloted by the son of a member of the district's board of governors, and paid $107,700 to a "landscaping" firm that sent a pickup truck with a couple of guys for an hour a day to pick up trash. The state of Arizona has gone to the State Board of Education asking that the school district be put in receivership, giving control to the state, for this folly as well as accusing the school district's officials of taking family members on business trips without reimbursing the 344-student district, and that the district paid for satellite television at an administrator's home.

It's not too smart to do very bad things and then continue to defy an entity as powerful as a state government.

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