Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Poison pen for the Senate

Egad. The Washigton Times' Wesley Pruden lays the poison pen treatment on Senate Democrats in "The belated snub of the snarlers." To wit;
the geezers rocking on the front porch of the Senate Rest Home, waiting for the embalmer and stewing in the bitter juices of their own frustration, couldn't think of a single new thing to say.
Teddy Kennedy, mired in the rubble of ruined ambition and drowning in blighted hopes (and having given his sound bite writer the day off), could only employ the half-remembered clichés of earlier outbursts.
Harry Reid of Nevada, the clueless leader of the disconsolate Senate Democrats, borrowed a cliché from Teddy's crib sheet: "[Mr.] Bolton arrives at the United Nations with a cloud hanging over his head."
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, searching for a Western Union office with a light in the window, is worried about sending "the wrong signal."
Barack Obama of Illinois, looking up from the little pocket mirror he carries with him for these occasions, thinks John Bolton's "history of inflammatory statements about the U.N." will make it difficult to work with the other delegates who are, as we all know, red-hot for "necessary reforms."
there's more
Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia is at the mercy of his fears, "fear that we have lost an important opportunity to help re-establish the United States' global role as a moral and responsible leader."
To which Pruden comments,
Only a plutocrat adrift in a bad dream could imagine the United States as so immoral and irresponsible as to need reclamation help from representatives of tin-pot tyrants and deep-fried despots at the U.N.

George W. Bush can enjoy this gong-show performance from afar, having made the appointment as if with the back of his hand, on his way out to Texas for the month of August to clear out brush, stomp on rattlesnakes and ponder the lack of water at Prairie Chapel Ranch.

No American ambassador arrives at any appointment anywhere with a cloud hanging over his head; the representative of the president of the United States makes his own weather.

The Democratic senators who successfully blocked the majority of senators who wanted to confirm him have no genuine objections. He was merely the designated target of partisan bile backed up in the digestive tract of the donkey.

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