Tuesday, August 30, 2005

France: a fearful nation

Numerous news reports, analyses, commentaries and books have lately been detailing the fears which possess the French people these days. One writer, Christophe Lambert, the chief of the advertising giant, Publicis, has made a splash in recent days with La Société de la peur (The Fearful Society). His book says that France is petrified with "fear of the future, fear of losing, fear of others, fear of taking a risk, fear of solitude, fear of growing old. Other things that the French fear:
Fear of anyone named Williams at Roland-Garros
Fear of no economic growth
Fear of bad Beaujolais
Fear of Ronald McDonald
Fear of Mark in Mexico
Fear of unemployment
Fear of actually finding a job
Fear of Google and Yahoo
Fear of Lance Armstrong
Fear of Lance Armstrong's un-retiring
Fear of ethics and science
Fear of Turkey
Fear of turkey (pdf)
Fear of a constitution older than 50 years
Fear of foreign investment
Fear of politician's cheating wives
Fear of Congolese football players
Fear of foreign tourists
Fear of actually helping Africans
Fear of Yogi the bear
Fear of "oui"
Fear of the Logan
Fear of not kissing up to Islam
Fear of "Oh, no! Another American!"
Fear of Chinese bras
Fear of the international wine market
Fear of throwing anything away, like rotting food
Fear of any coherent economic policies
Fear of admitting colonial crimes
Fear of their crummy rugby players not playing
Fear of foreign armies juiced on performance enhancing drugs
Fear of No Pasaran


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