Saturday, August 13, 2005

U. S. economy collapsing - Pravda

I love how these superpower wannabees will clutch at anything to try to show that the U. S. is not all that it's cracked up to be. Pravda says that the new transportation bill is a sure sign that the Bush administration recognizes the collapsing economy and the "White House is desperately looking for measures to find employment for crowds of unemployed American citizens and hungry migrants, which threaten to enrage the rest of the States."

One thing that is fun about reading Pravda is their twisted translations from Russian to English that render the subject matter incomprehensible. Like this passage:
The US government plans to spend $286 billion on the implementation of the law during the forthcoming six years. Furthermore, Bush had to cut the costs of the law, which originally made up $400 billion. The US Treasury, however, will have to spend only $12.3 billion during ten years to guarantee the energy security and independence within the scope of the recently passed energy policy law. NASA's annual budget makes up $16 billion. Therefore, the sum of $400 billion makes a huge sum of money even from the point of view of American financial standards.
Huh? Let's see now, the economy is growing at close to a 4% clip which is a very healthy number, unemployment is down to 5%, its lowest since the dot com bubble exploded, inflation is at 3% or something near that and the budget deficit just got carved back by some 80 billion dollars or so. All this in spite of $60 a barrel - and rising - oil prices and a war that is costing us 100 billion dollars a year to fight. The Russians should pray for such economic misery and hope that soon their economy will begin collapsing at the same rate as ours.

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