Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Help find Evan Montvel-Cohen

Michelle Malkin has volunteered to help Al Franken and Air America Network find the network's founder and former chairman. Al Franken has said that Cohen is a "crook" and "I think he was robbing Peter to pay Paul." Malkin has been able to determine that Cohen, who begged for and received some $875,000 from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx for his and his father's medical problems, was in Hawaii as shortly as 2 months ago. Malkin has determined that Cohen's father died in 1991, so the plea for money for his father's health problems was, indeed, a scam. Cohen also claimed to be suffering from brain cancer, but that claim is in doubt since he was last seen interviewing for work in Hawaii just two months ago.

Air America promised to repay the money to the club, but so far none has been received. Michelle notes that Al Franken, who specializes in blowing the whistle on "lies and the lying liars who tell them," considers the case of the swindled $875,000 to be "boring". I think I just heard the sound of Al Franken's dream of election to the U.S. Senate from the state of Minnesota being flushed down the toilet.

I copy the link here so you can listen to Franken say that the whole story is "boring". He also refers to Michelle as "some woman named Michell Malkin" and agrees with a studio guest that Malkin's involvement is "scraping the bottom of the barrel." In the broadcast you will hear Franken claim that New York authorities told Air America executives that the network could not pay back the money because of the ongoing investigation. New York authorities deny ever talking to anyone from the network and further state that the network can pay back the money at any time.

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