Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lust in his heart, man-eating rabbits, briefing books

George Will calls Jimmy Carter for what he has become, a serial liar and an embarrassment to America. Will points out that Carter flaps around the world telling everyone how bad we are, lies about Will's alleged involvement in a stolen debate briefing book, confuses the US Government's official "top secret" classification with his own politically desperate attempt to hang onto his job, then lies again about a purported letter of apology from Will. George thoughtfully provides us with the letter. Doesn't look too apologetic to me.

From a strictly non-partisan point of view, had the debate briefing book been, in fact, a Top Secret classified document, then George Will should be charged with High Treason against The United States. If, in fact, the stolen briefing book was not so classified, then George Will should be charged with burglary or theft. Since it is obvious that a very highly placed Carter staffer must have been the one to pass along the briefing book, then Carter should take a look inward to determine why his own disloyal staff aided in his demise.

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be, or she ain't what she never was.

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