Thursday, August 11, 2005

Communists, traitors, mentally ill flock to Cindy Sheehan

The New York Sun does some digging to determine who the prime backers of Cindy Sheehan are. Mrs. Sheehan is the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and has become the poster child for the anti-war movement. Her grief and desire for retribution have caused her to allow herself to be exploited by some of the worst that America has to offer.

To wit;
Michael Moore, serial liar and discredited film maker;

Crawford Peace House, whose web site includes a photo depicting the entire state of Israel as "Palestine" and a photo of Eugene Bird, who has suggested that Israeli intelligence was responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib;

United for Peace and Justice, whose steering committee is graced by representatives of Communist Party USA and, according to a Sun poll, "67% of those surveyed said they agreed with the statement 'Iraqi attacks on American troops occupying Iraq are legitimate resistance.' In other words, Ms. Sheehan's "coalition" includes a lot of people who think the persons who killed her son were justified.";

and the mentally disturbed Maxine Waters, who hosted a faux "hearing" in Washington where the Bush administration was blamed by "experts" for blowing up the twin towers and the Pentagon on 9/11 and the same Maxine Waters who claimed that the crack cocaine epidemic in America's cities was a CIA plot.

Truly a sad spectacle for Cindy Sheehan who is mourning a dead son. I consider those flocking around Mrs. Sheehan to be bloodsuckers of the worst order.

Here is a poll I would like to see. Very quietly approach the protesters outside the Bush ranch in Crawford and ask them, individually and out of earshot of others, "What was Mrs. Sheehan's son's name?" I would wager that not 1 in 4 will know.

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