Thursday, August 25, 2005

New York Times - failure to communicate

The New York Times has run into a little trouble in Gainesville, Florida. The first issue of The Gainesville Guardian, a weekly paper targeted to about 15,000 local black residents and wholly owned by the NYT, made its first appearance this week. The editor of the new paper, Charlotte Roy, was fired by the NYT on Monday, just before the paper's initial publication. From what I can gather, she was fired for insisting that the new weekly was founded to serve the African American community in Gainesville while the honchos in New York wanted to play it as a "community" paper without acknowledging who made up the community.

The new weekly has been under fire from blacks for some time prior to its first edition as, among other things, a "white newspaper in blackface," and accusations that the NYT's management had "turned to people of color for their economic salvation," and were "journalistic carpetbaggers."

"We wish Charlotte well," publisher Jim Doughton said. "We are very grateful and appreciative of all her good work in getting the first issue out." Not appreciative enough to continue paying her salary, apparently.

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