Sunday, August 14, 2005

Death to . . . everybody!

"Death to England, death to Germany, death to France, death to the United States, death to Israel" sang a mob of students in Teheran, Iran as they attacked the British embassy with rocks and tomatoes.

These people want us all dead. Dead. They want us dead. They want our families dead. They want our friends dead. They want our churches in ruins. They want our governments destroyed. They want our men in beards and praying towards Mecca 5 times a day. They want our women barefoot and covered head to toe in masks. They want a girl who has premarital sex stoned to death. They want homosexuals stoned to death. They want a thief convicted by an aging, uneducated, dirty, smelly imam relieved, by means of an axe, of his right hand and left foot. They want every statue in every park, government building and private collection torn down and destroyed. They want a woman who, when in defense of her life kills an abusive husband, beheaded. They want women to worship their bloodthirsty and so far highly ineffectual god by being forced to enter their house of worship through a side door or a back door and sit separately from men. They want you to squat over a hole in the floor where your toilet used to be.

Casey Sheehan died in the fight to assure that none of the above will ever happen to you.

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