Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Convicted U.N. bureaucrat seeks US citizenship

What's this all about? This New York Post report, after detailing Kofi Annan's newest "massive investigation" (yawn) and "yet another major organizational shake-up" (yawn), reports that former U.N. procurement officer Alexander Yakovlev is applying for US citizenship. Yakovlev, who pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court last week to accepting bribes for U.N. contracts, is cooperating with prosecutors to tell all he knows about other bad guys in the U.N.. Or perhaps I should rephrase that as "other bad guys who comprise the U.N.". He is expected to receive a reduced sentence in exchange for the info. A convicted criminal has a tough time getting a visa to visit the US, let alone a grant of citizenship. Was citizenship a part of the deal?

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