Sunday, August 14, 2005

Journalistic malpractice

Peter Bronson, writing in the Cincinnati Enquirer, accuses The New York Times of going beyond lies. He asks why the MSM is not providing both sides of the Cindy Sheehan story. He asks, for instance, why she told the Vacaville (Calif.) Reporter in a 2004 interview about her meeting with George Bush, "I know he's sorry and feels the pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith." And then in an August 7 interview she told CNN, "Every time we tried to talk about Casey and how much we missed him, he would change the subject. And he acted like it was a party." Bronson wonders
what happened that changed Bush from a "sincere ... man of faith" to a callous jerk who made a joke of her son's death? Is that even credible, given what we know about Bush's heartfelt sympathy with the family of missing local soldier Matt Maupin?
And I wonder why her husband is suing her for divorce. And I wonder why Casey's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins wrote an email distancing themselves from her and saying that they wanted no part of her despoiling the memory of her son.

Bronson asks several other questions about things we are not being told by the MSM. And his conclusion?
It looks like too many reporters in Crawford run in the anti-war protester herd.
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