Friday, August 12, 2005

Where's Oliver Stone?

This report should trigger the script-writing and cinematic lust of Oliver Stone. It concerns a "secret directive" (oooh, sounds scary already) from Don Rumsfeld to U. S. SoCom (Southern Command) to draft a war plan dispatching special operations forces on quick notice to virtually any spot in the world to kill or capture terrorists. The group working on the plan, CSO (Center for Special Operations) will soon present it to Rumsfeld.

Stone should very shortly be able to begin filming his next true-fiction-based-on-unknown-facts-but-accurate movie involving a group of raging homosexual and bisexual special agents, based in New Orleans and commanded by run-amok Cuban exiles, murdering innocent civilians by the scores with M-16 rifles and grenades and fragging their commanding officers with abandon in, uh, Kgyruzbakistanyria.

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