Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Response to "The last word on Mexico"

I thought that I would take a moment here to answer as many of the commenters as possible. First, pay a visit to this site: The Thorn Tree which is a forum sponsored by Lonely Planet. Now, before you go, let me warn you that this is a very liberal site, therefore the response to my post is, er, somewhat strident in nature. Notice as you peruse the comments that there is not one, zero, zip, nada different idea on the immigration/border problems facing us. I don't mind criticism or different ideas or discussion or even argument. What I do mind is dismissal without any competing thought. "You're wrong because . . . because . . . you just ARE!"

Are you back? Ok, on to the comments on this post. Richard at HyScience has some personal experience with some of the things that even the least corrupt of the people have to do to get along.

Jack at Armed Victim knows that this will be a BIG political issue in upcoming elections. My prediction: Nothing substantial will be done, unless Rudy gets elected. The key term here is, "Political Will", which Rudy exhibited in New York and which all the other serious candidates seem to lack.

Debbie at Chew on This has some thoughts and asked me a question to which she received another screed, probably more than she wanted.

To Anonymous, I say,"Viva la corner of Jackson and Vine." It has about the same impact.

Aaron at Blah Blah Blah (visit his site and you will see that it is quite appropriately named) says I fit right in with the LaShawn Barber crowd. Thanks for the complement, Aaron!

T-Steel at Palm Trees in the Ghetto puts him in his place, however. Interesting name for a blog, T-Steel. It kind of fits in with the Mexico post.

El Loco does the requisite lefty name-calling bit. To be expected.

John Moore is right. It ain't gonna happen but something has to be done. And John, the only reason that I paint the situation as static is because of the pressure relief valve that our porous border provides. My point is this; block off that pressure relief and all hell is going break out and at our expense.

Paul, MarkJ, Sidney Carton, Ben Cameron, Kimberley and Zach at Our Way of Life disagree with the proposed solution. Fellers (and ladies), I'm not all that enamored with it myself and I'm the guy what wrote it. However, what you propose is not ever going to happen. Never, and that's a long time. And if it takes the building of a wall to seal the border, then I'm all for it. It's just that, in my humble opinion, the wall has to be the first step of many. Also, I said that we should build government housing with some brains this time. I didn't say it was possible to do so.

M. P. Jackson thinks he's Samuel Clemons. MP, get yourself a blog and then sit down and write a post as detailed and well thought out as mine in 3 hours, give or take, without benefit of a editor and let me check it. Anyway, you missed far more egregious errors. How about this sentence; "Kind of like Chicago." Or this one; "No." Good ones, eh?

Kevin has a point. However, I would ask him if he has any idea how many ex-politicians and ex-bureaucrats are currently rotting away in U. S. prisons, on trial, indicted and awaiting trial or under investigation? Chew on that a bit and get back to me. FYI, my guess is that the number is about 1000 times greater than that of Mexico when our population is only about 3 times greater.

Rightwinger says it's not fair to U. S. citizens and he/she is exactly right. But, then neither was 9/11, 12/7/41 or the 1972 Olympic basketball gold medal game.

Sue Bob (Jerri Lynn Ward) asks, "How do we assimilate people who don't understand the concept of the Rule of Law?" Well, Sue Bob, "assimilation" means that these people are taught about rule of law and, well, assimilate it. I think.

Jameson says that there are no solutions. Hmmm. Gotta be one somewhere, even if mine ain't it. I sure could use a link to that Spengler fellow that you mention.

Sangroncito tags me. For those of you who may be bilingually challenged, "Sangroncito" means "The Little Grouch", or something like that.

A Layman's Point of View accuses me of being a Communist, then rubs salt in that festering wound by mentioning such mundane things as economics. Look here, Mr. Layman, Gender: male, Location: Connecticut, USA, a philosophical and deep thinker such as myself has no time to consider such run-of-the-mill minor details like "How the hell are we supposed to pay for this?" I leave that to the plebes. You know, the president and the Congress.

Derek Copold says we should start confiscating the businesses who hire illegals. Now that's Communism! Mexico doesn't have an illegal immigrant problem, Derek. Mexico has an illegal border-crossing problem. The people from the south who cross Mexico's border are headed north, towards us. There are no vacancies in Mexico to fill, unless you refer to the starving minions.

Mike McK leaves a very interesting comment. Mike says that he is Mexican and a maricón. I doubt the first, but it is possible and I have no idea about the second and don't care. Maricón means "queer", as in "a queer". No, not "gay" or "homosexual". Be that as it may, Mike says that I am ignorant of the culture, but fails to mention an example of the culture of which I am ignorant. I think I know the culture too damned well. If he is truly Mexican, then he obviously is not indian or indigenous, at least not 100%, unless he was adopted by an Anglo family. He says the U. S. stole Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. He must mean like the "Mexicans" stole those areas from Spain and Spain stole them from a myriad of indian tribes. The largest of which were the Aztecs who stole their territory from indian tribes that inhabited the land before the Aztecs stole it from them, tearing out and eating their still beating hearts as a sign of Aztekkkian superiority. Hey, Mike, quién fue Flores Magón?

Goddessaradia, I finally wrote something to which you are not diametrically opposed. Hooray! The problem that I see with your proposal to give them aid is that we have given them billions and it has been squandered. Giving them more billions will just allow more squandering. Right now, Mexico should be sitting in the catbird seat with the price of oil over $60 per barrel. Unfortunately, PEMEX, the national oil company (there are no private oil companies permitted in Mexico) is one of the world's most indebted companies. That's right, with our private oil concerns making their already fat stockholders even fatter, a national oil company that sells every single drop it can produce at exorbitant prices owes four times more money to creditors than Exxon, which is almost six times bigger than PEMEX. PEMEX owes some $42.5 billion. If they cannot take care of their own money, how much care do you think they'll take with ours? Goddessaradia adds a second comment where she "sees flaws". Sigh.

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