Monday, June 13, 2005

Answer the question. Answer the question!


Saddam Hussein appeared in an Iraqi court today. The proceeding was filmed but the film has no sound so we don't know what he was asked or how he answered. We do know that his answers were arriving a little tardy for the judge, who demanded at one point, "Answer the question. Answer the question." in an animated enough manner that his lips could be read on the film.

Searching for the questions and answers now.

UPDATE: UPDATE: WaPo has the transcript. Some snippets:
HUSSEIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): ... Hussein Majid, the president of the Republic of Iraq.

JUDGE (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): (OFF-MIKE) : Profession? Former president of the Republic of Iraq?

HUSSEIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): No, present. Current. It's the will of the people.
The judge doesn't buy this line:
JUDGE (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): The head of the Baath Party that is dissolved, defunct. Former commander and chief of the army.
Lots of back and forth between the judge and Saddam about the legality of the proceeding. Saddam's point seems to be that he was president of Iraq at the will of the people, therefore he can't be tried for any crimes. Reminds me of Nixon. The judge reads some charges against Hussein. (this is a partial transcript and very choppy).
So the crimes, the charges: intended killing by using chemical weapons in Halabjah.

Second, intended killing of a great number of Iraqis in 1983.

Three, intended killing of a number of members of political parties without trials.

Fourth, intended killing of many of the Iraqi religious people.

Fifth, intended killing of many Iraqis in Anfal (ph) without any evidence against it.

Allow me. The seventh charge was against Saddam Hussein as president of the republic and the commander in chief of the army. (there is an audio gap so we don't hear the sixth charge.) And the army went to Kuwait.

You have the right to defend and answer.
Then comes this howler by Saddam:
Even though this was not an invasion. Will the law judge Saddam Hussein because he defends Iraq?
Apparently Saddam got a little snippy with that last and the judge gets snippy right back:
JUDGE (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): You are in a legal hearing and we will not allow you to speak in any way that is disrespectful to this court.

Saddam Hussein is the president of the Republic of Iraq, and the commander in chief of the armed forces that invaded Kuwait. So officially this is what it was.
There is more arguing about whether or not Saddam will sign some documents. He refuses to do so without his lawyers being present.

All in all, not too exciting.

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