Tuesday, June 28, 2005

John Kerry , same-o lame-o

In John kerry's guest editorial in the NYT we get the same-o ideas by the lame-o losing presidential candidate. The only new idea that Kerry has, and a shockingly bad idea at that, is to incorporate the so called Badr brigade into the Iraqi national militia. That would be about the same as the LAPD incorporating the Hell's Angels into its anti-street gang campaign. After the 'Angels gleefully help wipe out the opposition, who has to handle the last remaining, suddenly omnipotent, street gang?

In poking around the blogosphere, Gregory Djerejian at THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH does a superb job of dissecting Kerry's points. Djerejian:
This is typical Kerry isn't it? Pretend you have a new idea when, in actuality, what you are proposing is actually already taking place. But dramatize the issue and, without thinking through all the consequences, make more 'robust' the policy recommendation so it sounds like you are offering up something new. In other words, it's a matter of degree. Yes, we must (carefully, methodically) integrate some pesh merga and Badr (ensuring, for instance, they are not Mahdi Militia) into the national army. But not like Kerry suggests, seemingly rushed and whole-sale, so as to alienate the Sunnis. Again, he doesn't really care what the consequences are for Iraqi democratization--and is more preening in the New York Times pretending he has a better, more viable exit strategy than Bush. He doesn't. Please don't be fooled.
Visit The Belgravia Dispatch now and read it all.

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