Thursday, June 16, 2005

More Reason for Immigration Controls

This strange and sickening story out of London, England is almost unfathomable. There have been at least 300 disappearances of African children from London area schools, and perhaps thousands every year. In investigating these disappearances as well as a case of a child's torso discovered in the Thames river and after the death of Victoria ClimbiƩ, who was starved and beaten to death after church pastors said she was possessed by the devil, Scotland Yard turned up some horrifying evidence.

These African sickos believe that if they are possessed by evil spells, the sacrifice of an uncircumcised male child will free them of the spell. Children to be used for this purpose can be purchased in Kinshasa, Zaire for as little as 20 dollars and then smuggled into the UK. HIV positive victims believe that sex with a child will cleanse them. In some cases the children are believed to be possessed by the devil and die during barbaric exorcism rituals.

Of course, the weepy sociologists object to this study.
Dr William Les Henry, a lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths College, said aspects of the reports were pigeonholing crimes together and were patronizing and racist.

He said: "When we think about these cases we can see the same kind of patterns of behavior in European cultures but they are interpreted in completely different ways.

"This is one of the crises with social sciences anyway, when they are supposedly interpreting the folk ways or cultural habits of alien cultures." He said that the models such reports are based on are that "Africans are less civilised, less rational".
Anyone who doubts that Africans are less civilized and less rational than Westerners, including Westerners of African heritage, is deluded. Anyone who doubts that Dr. Henry is deluded is deluded. The reason that these same kinds of patterns of behavior in European culture are interpreted in completely different ways is because they are considered child abuse, torture, slavery and murder, are against the law and are prosecuted as such.

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