Thursday, June 09, 2005

Uncle Fidel's chicken pots

Quote of the day;
FDR promised a chicken in every pot. For Fidel Castro, it's a pot for every chicken.
He's personally handing out Chinese rice steamers and pressure cookers to everyone in Cuba who wants one.
"Those of you who would like rice steamers, raise your hand," said the 78-year-old president in front of an audience of hundreds of women, sounding a bit like Monty Hall. All the women left with one (hand or rice steamer?), and 3 million more are on their way to households across the island.
How's this for optimism?
The appliance rollout is possible because Cuba's economy is "on a roll," says Kirby Jones, a consultant in Washington who for 30 years has advised US companies working in Cuba. "I've never seen it so favorable as it's been in the last few months."
Appliances? I call these things kitchen utensils. Let me know when they roll out side-by-side refrigerator/freezers, 1.5hp garbage disposals, dishwashers and trash compacters. Then I might be impressed.

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