Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jeralyn Merritt and Roger Ailes are liars.

I don't like the idea of attacking other bloggers personally. I may disagree with their positions but the attacks on a personal level are something that I try to avoid. However, these two bloggers, Merritt at TalkLeft and Aisles at Roger Aisles (not to be confused with the Roger Ailes who is chief of Fox News) are so boldfaced as to lie and then provide a link to a video which clearly exposes their fabrication.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas was being interviewed by conference call from a television studio. He got a little perturbed by a reporter's incessant questioning about an education program which the governor said would be announced on the following day. At the conclusion of the interview the governor thought the microphones were turned off. He repeated the last statement made by the reporter and then said, and I quote exactly, "Adios, Mofo." You may view the video at CrooksandLiars and see and hear it for yourself.

Here is what Merritt says:
On a related note, Gov. Perry sure stuck his foot in his mouth when a camera caught him calling a reporter a "motherf**ker" at the end of a interview session.
Here is what Ailes says:
Governor Goodhair Says "Adios, Motherfucker"
I copied and pasted both of the above excerpts directly from their respective blog postings including Aisles faulty punctuation.

Merritt provided the link to the video, while Aisles referenced Buzzflash. I went to Buzzflash and couldn't find any mention of the incident after a couple of minutes, which was all that I intended to invest in this silliness.

I may have opinions that differ sharply with another's or I may analyze some report differently than another's analysis or I may even make a mistake. But I do not and will not outright lie to my visitors. And then to provide a link to show my visitors that I am lying?

I posted a comment at Aisles blog suggesting that he view the video. I also tried to post a comment at TalkLeft but it will be screened and I don't imagine that we will see that one.

I think that both of those posts should either be edited or taken down.


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