Friday, June 24, 2005

Invitation To Corruption

I live in Mexico. Here, the right of Eminent Domain, for the public good, of course, follow closely the ideal as envisioned by the Supreme Court and the New York Times.

In other words, you have property rights out the kazoo, you just don't have the right to keep your property nor to determine its worth when it is stripped away from you. In Mexico they compensate the rich influential landowner $25 per square foot when they take his property and the campesino farmer $2 per square foot when they take his property. The politicians line their pockets and the rich influential landowners get richer and more influential.

I am quite sure that yesterday's Supreme Court decision, which the NYT is so slobberingly touting, has politicians and developers all over the nation salivating with anticipation of profits to come. The decision, a narrow 5-4 vote, is an invitation to corruption unparalleled since prohibition.

Developers will be fanning out all across the country looking at economically depressed areas where they may grease palms and have homeowner's property legally confiscated. The politicians will be desperately seeking those developers. And the liberals on the high court have empowered all this.

We are going to see a wave of private property confiscations the like of which we haven't seen since the days of Robert Moses in New York City. By the way, in the case that you had not noted it, New York City is where the headquarters of the New York Time is located and private property confiscation by the city was how the Times acquired the land upon which its new headquarters now stands. So how could the Times do anything other than tout this decision?

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