Thursday, June 23, 2005

Michael Jackson needs no more plastic surgery - lawyer

Actually, Michael Jackson has little to do with this story. In February, a woman was stopped at Logan International Airport in Boston when it was detected that her cups runneth over - with cash. $46,950 in cash, to be exact, stuffed in her bra. She was headed for Texas for, she claims, buttock and breast plastic surgery. Ileana Valdez filed suit against the DEA to recover the money and she says that an agent at the time told her she had a nice body and didn't need the surgery. She says she gained the money when she sold a business and two properties and had withdrawn it from the bank to protect it from creditors. And how does Michael Jackson enter this sordid tale?
"How can you make a determination that people don't need cosmetic surgery?" said Boston lawyer Tony V. Blaize, who filed the suit on behalf of Valdez. "I can't tell Michael Jackson he doesn't need more plastic surgery, even though I don't think he does."
That's how.

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