Thursday, June 16, 2005

Suckers In Seersuckers

Seersucker Thursday was celebrated today in the US Senate. On this day senators can wear the old fashioned seersucker suit, which 20 chose to do. The seersucker suit is accompanied by outlandish paisley ties and white buck shoes.

Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri said, "That's the nice thing about Seersucker Thursday. Anybody not in the game has to keep their mouth shut. That takes the pressure off the rest of us."

One senator who chose not to participate nor to keep his mouth shut was Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas. "I'm not a seer and I'm not a sucker," Roberts said. "But if you want to wear a seersucker suit and white shoes and look like Pat Boone and sell ice cream on the Senate floor, that's your business."

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