Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flag Day

American Flag dimensions
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Here are some things you might not have known about the American Flag (click on the flag to get a bigger picture).

Did you know that the height of the flag, top-to-bottom, is called the "hoist"? I didn't.

Did you know that the length, end-to-end, of the flag is called the "fly"? I didn't.

Did you know that the blue field with the stars is called the "Union" (capitalized)? I think I knew this but had long ago forgotten.

The base dimension, or Datum A, of the flag is its hoist. That dimension is always given as 1.0. All other dimensions are given as proportions to that hoist dimension. In other words, if the hoist of the flag is to be 1 meter, then the fly will be 1.9 meters.

All you ever wanted to know about the American Flag's dimensions, but were afraid to ask.

This technical data from Restoring America.

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