Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Associated Press has me confused.

What day is this? Tuesday, right? Late afternoon? The AP is reporting that President Bush gave a speech on Tuesday evening about the situation in Iraq. Except that it's not yet Tuesday evening. And he hasn't given the speech, yet. This is how the Associated Press brings you the news, folks. The AP, apparently given a transcript of the president's speech in advance of the speech itself, writes the report about the speech, quotes the president, who hasn't yet said a damned word, then releases the report several hours in advance of the speech. Good work there.

Obviously the release of the report was a boner on the part of some hapless and soon-to-be-unemployed technician at the AP. But this also tells us that the AP, and who knows how many more MSM outlets, writes "news" reports prior to the news event occurring. Faith in the MSM? Not much, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

The white house releases the speech early. Bush also has speech writers, as do most political professionals. Don't act so surprised and confused, it makes you look dense. Why not report as soon as the WHITE HOUSE gives AP, Fox news, etc, a copy of the speech? That is how it always works with this administration, and the AP reporter will not get fired for doing her/his job right.