Sunday, June 12, 2005

SMCCDI needs your help (doesn't involve money)

The SMCCDI (Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran) is asking for information to help locate illegal polling stations being set up in the United States for the upcoming national election in Iran. These polling stations will most likely be in hotels, Iranian culture centers or maybe even in Armenian culture centers. SMCCDI says that, to be legal under Iranian law, the polls must be monitored by agents of the Iranian government. Those agents are currently not allowed by US law to move more than 25 miles from their offices in DC (inside the Pakistan embassy) nor 12 miles from their offices in New York (Iran's UN legation).

In 2001, the Iranian government tried this same stunt and the SMCCDI was able to get at least a large portion of these polls shut down. The SMCCDI says that many Iranian-American's are being extorted to vote because they still have family members or property in Iran.

Go here to read the whole story. Go here to read the letter sent by SMCCDI to The White House, Homeland Security and the FBI.

The SMCCDI asks that anyone who believes they may have information as to the location of one of these illegal polling stations to please call:
(214) 906-8181
(972) 504-6864 (by leaving a detailed message)
or sending a detailed email to: (Please to specify in subject line: Illegal Ballot Boxes).
Roger Simon and Charles Johnson write about the SMCCDI a lot and they are both HOT on Iran tonight.

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