Monday, June 13, 2005

On the ground in Iraq

Michael Fumento decides to visit Iraq rather than playing the game of the "pompous pontificating pundits who can go to Iraq anytime but prefer the comfort and safety of home". He finds that morale amongst US forces is incredibly high, like they seem to believe in what they are doing.

He does have some rocks to throw at the medical treatment received. He suffered an impacted and burst colon, about as nasty and dangerous thing that can happen to you and, as he tells it, he's lucky to still be alive.

He also was displeased with the "kindlier, gentle" military approach to the Iraqis. He met a terrorist in the hospital who had been shot while running away from an IED trigger. Released, the man was shot again a week later, running away from another IED trigger. Fumento assigns this to the Newsweek-Abu Ghraib-gulag atmosphere here at home.

Good read by someone who was actually there.

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