Friday, June 10, 2005

The Dutch-Muslim Culture War

A problem with any debate over any issue is facts. When both sides of a debate quote statistics and numbers and facts, we have a debate. When neither side quotes facts, numbers or statistics, we have a war. When only one side of a debate can quote facts, figures and statistics, we have a debate winner and a debate loser. So it goes in Holland, today.

Hirsi Ali:
Forced genital mutilation at age 6 - fact.
Betrothed to a nephew she had never seen at age 22 - fact.
Many Dutch Muslim women live in segregated "parallel cities" where Islamic social codes are enforced - fact.
Muslims make up 5.5 percent of the Dutch population - fact.
Muslims account for more than half the women in battered women's shelters - fact
Muslims account for more than half of those seeking abortions - fact
Muslim girls have far higher suicide rates than non-Muslim girls - fact
Some Muslim girls, mostly African, are genital mutilated - fact
Theo Van Gogh butchered in broad daylight by a Muslim immigrant - fact.
Hirsi Ali had to briefly leave the country under threat of death - fact.
Immigrant Muslim girls are forced to marry foreign relatives so that their new spouses can immigrate - fact.
Of 90 girls, victims of these forced marriages, 87 said they had been raped - fact.
After passage of a law to increase marriage requirements, applications fell from 10,950 in 2001 to 3,835 last year - fact.
In Germany, six "honor killings" of young Muslim women so far this year - fact.

The Opposition
She's stirring up Islamaphobia - opinion.
She's poisoning the political atmosphere - opinion.
She contributes to the very Islamic radicalization she claims to want to stop - opinion.
Islam's sacred texts can be interpreted in a more female-friendly way - opinion.
She is actually driving women into the arms of the fundamentalists - opinion.
There have been many more attacks on Dutch Muslims than on non-Muslims - opinion.

Read it all and decide for yourself. In my view the winner of this debate is pretty clear. The question is, how much longer can she stay alive?

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