Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kofi Annan getting desperate

In a desperate attempt to hold on to his job, Kofi Annan writes favorably about Iraq. I'll bet that was galling to the max.

In WaPo's There's Progress in Iraq, Annan writes a guest editorial favorable to the position of the Bush administration's policies towards Iraq. Now, he just cannot bring himself to mention the words "United States" nor "America" nor "George Bush", but upon reflection, that is probably for the best.

KA, as he is affectionately known in many of the Oil For Food memos, says;
Our response has been prompt and resolute. We have set up a donor coordination mechanism in Baghdad, deployed a Constitutional Support Unit, and established an active and collaborative relationship with the assembly's constitutional committee. Today more than 800 U.N. personnel -- both local and international, including security staff -- are serving in Iraq in the U.N. assistance mission.
Yes, and protected by 185,000 armed-to-the-teeth coalition-of-the-bribed warriors. He also mentions the quiet nature of the UN's efforts.
In a media-hungry age, visibility is often regarded as proof of success. But this does not necessarily hold true in Iraq. Even when, as with last week's agreement, the results of our efforts are easily seen by all, the efforts themselves must be undertaken quietly and away from the cameras.
I can't say that I blame him there. If one gets too visible in Iraq these days, one gets his ass blown off.

You know, after thinking about this for a bit, if what he says is true, then I would think that the Bush administration should be touting the full cooperation of the UN in our efforts there. The main drain on the loyal opposition's sensibilities has always been the alleged "go it alone" unilateral stance of the Bushies in Iraq. If the UN's involvement in the day to day development of a stable Iraqi government were a bit better publicized then some of the ammo being used by the obstructionists - oops - I mean, the loyal opposition would be stripped away. This would relegate the sophomoric Democrats - er - I mean, the loyal opposition to complaining about other issues, like Minke whales, for instance.

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