Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cowboys - best dressed poor people in the world

This WSJ story about Rick Link, modern day cowboy, is really interesting. Les Krantz, author of the "Jobs Rated Almanac", rate "cowboy" as one of the lowest rated jobs one could have, based on income, stress level, physical demands, potential for job opportunities, job security and work environment. Rick Link does not agree.
"I can't believe I get paid for this, actually," says the lanky 43-year-old, who sports a large handlebar mustache. "You see scenery you would never see behind a desk, you don't worry about your weight or your cholesterol, and you don't have time for petty stuff or to be involved in bad things, like drugs."
Although their living costs are low, Mr. Link splurges on his gear. He has a $2,500 saddle adorned with silver shell-shaped medallions called conchas and $800 silver spurs, made locally by hand. His summer hat is made of palm leaves. His winter hat is 100% beaver, also locally made. Pictures of him on his horse have appeared on book covers, calendars and postcards, even though he thinks he's "pretty ugly."

"Cowboys are the best-dressed poor people in the world," he says. "I take pride in how I look and in my horses and my gear."

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