Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ted Kennedy demands accountability

Dean Barnett points to this little gem by Sen. Edward Kennedy posted at Daily Kos. See how cleverly I avoided linking to one of the most distasteful blogs on the web. I'll let Dean do it for me.

Anyway, Sen. Ted's little number is titled, "Accountability on Iraq" and goes to some lengths to demand accountability from President Bush. After you have stifled the guffaws brought on by the specter of Ted Kennedy demanding accountability from anyone about anything I'll send you into paroxysms of laughter with this:
"Patrick and I were ... making out, kissing. ... About ten minutes at the most later, the senator emerged through the door from inside the house ... and at this time he only has on a button-down oxford shirt. He has taken his slacks off. I didn't see if he had any Jockeys or boxers on [because the shirt] came halfway down the thighs. He was standing there, wobbling, and had no pants on. ... And I was just really freaked out."

Here is Sen. Kennedy preparing for Hyannis Port's famous annual Greased Pole Climbing Contest For Fat Guys - Shirtless Div.

Here is Sen. Kennedy competing in Hyannis Port's famous annual Pylon Slalom Race For REALLY Fat Guys - Shirtless Div.

Here is Sen. Kennedy at work in his senate office on his latest "Demand for Accountability" crusade

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