Saturday, July 29, 2006

Andrew Sullivan smears Christians

Andrew Sullivan, in another of his catty posts, calls the anti-Semitic, drunken Mel Gibson,
"the darling of the Christianist right".
Really? The anti-Semitic ravings of Hutton Gibson are well known. Mel Gibson's refusal to disavow those ravings or to even acknowledge or discuss those ravings of his father are equally well known. And, as a member of the Christian (not Christianist) right, I know no one, not one single person, who believes in the delusional hallucinations of some 17th century German nun which were, in fact, recorded by someone else and upon which Gibson based his shitty movie. I also do not know nor have ever even met a Roman Catholic Sedevacantist, which is what both Gibson and his father are. Sedevacantism means, literally, "There ain't no Pope". Gibson and his father are members of a sect, and a tiny sect at that. So was Squeaky Fromme.

Did "the Jews" kill The Christ? No way. He was crucified, which was a Roman execution method, not a Jewish one. In fact, "the Jews" considered crucifixion to be barbaric and would never willingly have participated in such a ritual. Had he been executed by the Hebrews, he would have been stoned to death.

Did "the Jews" want him dead? Some possibly did. Caiaphus, the leader of the Sanhedrin, knew that the lives of all the Jews in Palestine were in the hands of a brutal occupier( no one else lived in Palestine; just "the Jews" and Roman soldiers). The Romans had already demonstrated their willingness to kill anyone or any group of people who gave them grief. And Jesus gave them grief. Caiaphus no doubt believed that "the Jews" would be better off rid of the carpenter from Nazereth who had attacked even the Sanhedrin itself.

And who were "the Jews"? Well, we can start with Jesus, The Christ, himself. Jesus was not only a Jew, he was a good Jew. He was in Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. He had been warned not to go. But Passover in Jerusalem was something that good Jews did and Jesus was a good Jew, so he went anyway. And Jesus' followers, his twelve closest associates as well as the multitudes who gathered to hear him speak? They were all Jews, too. Almost every last one of them.

And the Christians? There were no Christians. The Christians came to be long after the death of The Christ. 99.99% of the people who read this blog already know this. But I was shocked at how many Mexicans do not believe it.

And the Christianists? There are no Christianists. That term is a fabrication born of Andrew Sullivan's intolerance and bigotry.

Greg Tinti at OTB says,
Expect to see a lot of gloating at the expense of the “Christian right” along the lines of this and this. Don’t get me wrong, if this report is true (and I have no reason to doubt that it isn’t), then Mel Gibson is a total scumbag. But the implication that Christians that liked The Passion are now somehow guilty by association is just as ludicrous as making the same argument about people whom liked Braveheart and Lethal Weapon.

AllahPundit thinks Gibson will soon be joining Sullivan in his grimy little corner of the universe.

Hey, Michelle. They're true.

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